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How To Stop Mosquito Breeding Spots From The Source In Rockville

mosquito on flower

Pest control in Rockville is a two-headed effort, depending on homeowners and professionals alike. Homeowners are often exposed to a number of nuisance wildlife and pests that are anything but respectful about territory!

One of the more common pests we see in this area are mosquitoes. A stray mosquito is really no cause for concern, and many of us have probably accidentally let one fly into our homes during a barbecue or indoor/outdoor gathering of some kind. There’s no faulting anybody for having this happen a few times throughout the year.

It’s when mosquitoes find readily available shelter, food, and water on hand that they become a problem. They breed and have a serious ecological impact on any area they set up shop in. Here are some fast facts to know if you’re seeing too many mosquitos on your property.

The Life Cycle Of Mosquitoes

Keeping in mind that different mosquitoes in Rockville have slightly different time frames associated with the various stages of their lives, many species have a broadly similar life cycle that doesn’t deviate from the norm too much.

Why do mosquitoes bite humans? In fact, it’s to feed and build up nutrients to pass on to offspring. Mosquitoes don’t live for very long and require pretty strict conditions to survive. Often enough, that means drawing the blood of other animals in order to extract nutrients from it.

In fact, this is part of what makes mosquitoes so dangerous to interact with. While their bites often amount to little more physical pain or symptoms than a raised, itchy bump on the skin, mosquitoes can easily pass on diseases to humans due to their direct interaction with our bloodstreams.

Why Water Features Attract Breeding Mosquitoes

No mosquitoes can resist a good patch of standing water. Think of a swamp, birdbath, and in the right conditions, or even a simple puddle. These features are perfect for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, which require still-standing water to mature.

That’s why properties that are on a forest line or close to a watery area tend to attract a lot of mosquitoes. But we contribute to that, too.

Even leaving a hose on during the warmer months can create conditions ideal for mosquitoes.

Tips To Stop Mosquitoes From Breeding In Water Features

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, you’re better off taking preventative steps before the bugs show up. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive, so here are some fast tips to keep these pests uninterested in your property:

  • Recycle the water in any bird baths or feeders.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Turn the hose off immediately after use.
  • Wash your car on an angle if possible, so the water drains away from your home.

These are practical, effective tips that barely take any effort to put into play!

The Eco-Friendly Way To Eradicate Mosquitoes In Your Yard

The most eco-friendly way you and other homeowners can keep mosquitoes away is to be proactive, as mentioned above. If you eliminate the attracting factors that mosquitoes find irresistible, you’ll keep these pests away without causing a dime of environmental damage.

Even though mosquitoes aren’t conventionally harmful in their ability to debilitate or wound other creatures, they are indirectly a health hazard due to the diseases they can pass on to us.

If you are overrun and the mosquitos have already infested your property, then the best product to keep mosquitoes away is, simply put, your phone. Call Womack Pest Control to get a fast, easy, and effective mosquito control solution tailored to your unique situation.