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How To Reduce The Number Of Mosquitoes Around Your Rockville Home

mosquitos swarming in a yard

How many mosquitoes are too many mosquitoes? In our experience, even a single mosquito can be incredibly annoying. If you are tired of being bitten every time you try to enjoy your Rockville property, we would like to help. Here are some great ways to reduce mosquito populations around your Rockville yard and one guaranteed solution to keep these pests away from your property year-round. If you want a quick solution to your mosquito problems, contact our team at Womack Pest Control. We have effective solutions to remove and keep these pests off area properties. 

How Quickly Does A Mosquito Bite After Landing?

Mosquitoes are not picky eaters. All they need to know is that you have blood before they bite. This is indicated by your warm skin, the carbon dioxide you breathe, and other things these pests can sense. Keeping this in mind, mosquitoes do not take much time to bite after they land. All that is needed before they pierce the skin with their sharp mouthparts is a bit of probing. The full process of drawing blood can take anywhere from 150 to 329 seconds. If you catch one of these pests in the act, they may try to fly away before finishing. If this is the case, they will try to land again to finish their meal. The question is:  why do mosquitoes drink blood in the first place?

What Does A Mosquito Do After It Has Sucked Blood?

One thing you should know is that not all mosquitoes drink blood. Only females have the sharp, piercing mouthparts needed to draw blood from humans and animals. Even though they have the ability to draw blood from humans, they do not eat the blood they gather. This raises the question: what do female mosquitoes do with the blood they steal from humans? Well, they use it to provide nutrients for their eggs. As strange as this sounds, it is true. Mosquito eggs are partly filled with our blood and laid inside pools of stagnant water. Some common mosquito-breeding grounds are birdbaths, ornate pools, puddles, and rainwater that collects inside containers. 

Can Mosquitoes Live In Chlorinated Water?

One question we are asked frequently is: does chlorine kill mosquitoes? Yes, it does. If you have a pool on your property that is chlorinated, mosquitoes will not be laying their eggs inside it. If they do, the eggs will not hatch. The same is not always true, however, for saltwater pools. Some types of mosquitoes, including Aedes taeniorhynchus, lay their eggs in both salt and fresh water. If you do not use your pool for more than five days, mosquitoes might have a chance to lay and hatch some of their eggs. Thankfully, there are many methods to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs inside your pool. One common method homeowners in Rockville use involves hiring a pest control professional. 

Total Mosquito Control For Rockville Homes

Of all the methods to control mosquitoes in Rockville, one is by far the most effective. By hiring the experts at Womack Pest Control, you gain access to high-quality treatments to make your yard and property unlivable for mosquitoes. Our mosquito control services are available in single service visits as well as year-round protection plans. It all depends on your individual needs.

Call us today to get rid of mosquitoes on your property. One of our friendly and highly-trained service representatives will walk you through what Rockville pest control options are available to you and schedule an appointment for your property.