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Located just 15 miles north of Washington D.C., the city of Rockville, MD, is one of the oldest cities and the third-largest municipality in the state. Even with our busy metropolitan lifestyle, we've maintained a real suburban charm that makes living here a real blessing. However, the bad news is that pests also love living here in Rockville. That's right, pest activity is a year-round concern here in Rockville, and that means local homes and businesses are susceptible to experiencing infestations.

If you want to protect your property from pests, you've come to the right place. Womack Pest Control is here to protect homes and businesses throughout Rockville and the surrounding areas from pest infestations. Since 1943, our family owned and operated company has been the area's #1 choice for quality pest control and extermination services. Get in touch with us today to secure Montgomery County pest control you can count on. We're here to help.

Residential Pest Control In Rockville

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Our residential pest control process starts with a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, paying close attention to conducive conditions, entry points, the foundation, any signs of pest activity, and whatever else the customer tells us they are seeing. After the inspection, each customer gets an analysis of our findings, and we go over our treatment options. We also offer same-day or next-day scheduling when available.

When it comes to treating the property, we target all problem areas found during the inspection. We treat entry points, nesting areas, and obvious harborage spots where pests have set up shop. We apply materials as deemed necessary throughout the interior and exterior, and the service usually takes around one to two hours, depending on the situation and size of the property.

We schedule our follow-up services monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, depending on your needs. Whatever pest problem you're up against, you can count on us to deliver the results you deserve. We continually improve our methods for controlling and eliminating pest infestations, bringing property owners lasting peace of mind from pest and rodent infestations. Call today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Rockville

The best way to guard your Rockville business against pests is with help from the experts at Womack Pest Control. We provide full coverage from all kinds of local invaders, such as ants, bed bugs, stinging insects, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, rodents, spiders, termites, mosquitoes, and flies.

Whatever kind of business you run, it's important to address your pest control needs. Our commercial pest solutions protect facilities, such as office buildings, schools, apartments, and industrial properties. Get in touch with us to discuss your commercial pest control needs today.

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Rockville Home

Bed bugs are small pests, but they can cause some big problems. First off, they're parasites, meaning they feed on human blood; while we're asleep, no less. Because these parasites are nocturnal, they can be hard to see or catch in the act of feeding.

Also, despite what their name suggests, bed bugs infest places other than your bed. In fact, bed bugs can travel to any area of your property by hitchhiking via another person or item going between rooms. Bed bug infestations can become overwhelming when facing one alone.

Now that you know the problems bed bugs can cause in your Rockville home, it's time to take action. The best way to protect yourself against a bed bug infestation is to call in the pest experts at Womack Pest Control. Our team of experienced pest professionals offers dependable bed bug detection and elimination services you can trust. Call today to learn more.

What Is Attracting All These Wasps In Rockville?

There are over 4,000 wasp species in the United States, so it makes sense why they might be a problem on your property. If you want to know what is attracting all these wasps to your Rockville property, there are some things to keep in mind.

Your yard is the most common place for wasps to congregate. Why? Well, most stinging insect species feed on sugars and proteins. You'll commonly find them foraging for sweet-smelling foods and nectar. However, depending on the species, stinging insects are known for eating all kinds of food sources like other insects, meats, wood, and plants. As wasps feed on nectar, they transfer pollen from flower to flower and help the pollination process. In this way, wasps can be very beneficial to gardens because they generate pollination.

Wasps nests are often found in the eaves of your house, along fencing, under tree branches, in the open ends of a pipe, under decks, inside sheds, and on swing sets. If you want to protect your Rockville property from wasps, the best thing to do is call in your local pest professionals. Reach out to Womack Pest Control today for quality wasp control and prevention services.

Most Common Ants Found In Rockville

Maryland is home to all sorts of pests, arachnids, and wildlife creatures, from scurrying rodents to conniving cockroaches to everything in between. These pests include the humble ant, one of the most common and overwhelming pest groups to encounter around homes and businesses. If we are to believe recent estimates, the city of Rockville is home to more than 56 different ant species from all around the world. 

A few of the most common of these include: 

  • Argentine ants: They may not affect humans to any significant degree, but the aggression, hunger, and pervasiveness of the Argentine ant can be quite dangerous to the environment. The activities of this pest easily displace local flora and fauna. 
  • Odorous house ants: If you have an odorous house ant infestation, your nose will know! These pests release a strong odor when crushed or killed. 
  • Carpenter ants: As wood-eating insects, carpenter ants are one of the most dangerous species on this list. They do not consume the wood they live in, but they will tear structures apart to build colonies and nests. 
  • Pavement ants: These unassuming insects rarely bite or sting humans, but their presence around driveways and sidewalks is increasingly obnoxious to home and business owners. Thanks to their ‘natural’ concrete defenses, removal can be almost impossible from a DIY perspective. 

If you’re tired, frustrated, or just plain exhausted, DIYing ant control in your yard, you are not alone. Hundreds of Rockville locals have turned to the experts at Womack Pest Control to inspect, control, and manage ant populations at scale. Just give us a call today to get your free, no-obligation inspection!

What Everyone In Rockville Should Know About Mosquitoes & Dangerous Diseases

Mosquitoes and diseases are a dangerous pair more often than not. Every year, thousands of people around the world fall prey to viral infections, bacteria growth, and parasitic plasmodia in a single bite. Even in the United States, where technology and innovation are usually cutting-edge, mosquito diseases are still difficult to identify, treat, and control. 

Many property owners in Rockville don’t understand just how dangerous a single mosquito can be. From malaria and encephalitis to dengue, heartworm, and West Nile virus, even the CDC and WHO recognize mosquitoes as the most dangerous animals on Earth. Certainly no small feat! 

If you don’t already have mosquito controls in place for your home or business, or if you are concerned that lingering infestations will affect an upcoming party or event, take a concrete step towards prevention with the crew at Womack Pest Control. After decades of experience in the mosquito management industry, we would be more than happy to reduce mosquito populations with mist treatments, scheduled services, or one-time visits. 

A mosquito-free yard awaits! Call today for a comprehensive quote regarding mosquito control in Rockville.

All The Problems Rodents Can Cause In Your Rockville Home

You don’t need us to remind you that rodent infestations are frustrating, foreboding, and far too frequent here in Rockville. Hundreds of home and business owners report infestations every year, many of them struggling against chronic or cyclical infestations. Unless you remove rodents within a short period of time, the damage left behind may be nothing short of catastrophic. 

For example, some rodent species have the ability to chew through wood, drywall, plastic, and even concrete. This capability creates new entry points around the building and property, inviting new pests to reside inside. 

Contamination is another frequent concern with rodent infestations. Some species, especially house mice, gnaw upon plastic packages or storage containers, desperately attempting to eat. You must immediately discard any food touched by rodents in case of viral or bacterial contamination. 

Finally, rodents can and will attack humans if they feel threatened. Long claws are perfectly capable of scratching open skin, while ever-growing fangs transmit diseases. More serious bites may even require medical attention. 

If you think a rodent infestation is present around your Rockville property, then offense is almost certainly the best defense. Partnering with Womack Pest Control removes the fear of ongoing rodent infestations, defending yourself and your loved ones against attacks from any species. Get in touch with a representative today to discuss your free quote.

Three Ways To Protect Your Rockville Property From Termites

Here in Rockville, termites are an ever-present and ever-constant threat. If you’re concerned that your home may be at risk for a possible infestation, getting ahead of the curve will always be in your best interest. Just follow these three simple steps: 

  1. Have your property pre-treated against termite infestations, especially if it’s new construction. 
  2. Get annual termite inspections to scout for possible signs and symptoms around the property. 
  3. Install professional monitoring stations to keep an eye on colonies and their movements. 

Termite management from Womack Pest Control offers all this and more. With more than 50 years of pest control experience in Rockville and beyond, we’ll make short work of termites around your home, business, or specialty property. 

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