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A Practical Handbook For Fly Prevention In Clarksburg

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Many people call Clarksburg the best place to live in Maryland. Its easy, laid-back suburban neighborhoods, gorgeous landscapes, historical attractions, and abundant green areas make it an excellent community to live, work, and play. Zipping around the skies of this laid-back city are several different fly species. Unless homeowners know where to obtain professional fly pest control, these irritating insects will soon cause issues within Clarksburg homes.

How To Spot A Fly Infestation In Your Home

It's not hard to notice when flies infest Clarksburg homes. An occasional fly here or there is typical, but if flies seem to be all over your home or heavily concentrated in a particular area, it could indicate an infestation.

Some flies, like fruit flies, feast on rotting foods in the kitchen area; their reproduction rates can quickly increase population sizes. Before homeowners know it, these flies will start hovering around drains, sitting on fruits and vegetables, or lazily floating through the air. Additionally, flies can lay their eggs inside homes. If homeowners find larvae (creamy white wormlike wigglers) in foods or garbage cans, reproduction is in full swing indoors.

Once flies in Clarksburg make their way into a home, it doesn't take much for them to start multiplying. If homeowners neglect to partner with a pest professional like Womack Pest Control, home life can quickly turn unhappy and unhealthy for those living inside.

Why Flies In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Flies are in their "happy place" when they are living and feeding off nasty, unsanitary things. They spend most of their time living and laying eggs in fecal matter, dead animals, and decaying items, all loaded with harmful pathogens that can get passed on to humans. Flies constantly defecate on surfaces around homes, which means they contaminate almost everything they come in contact with. People who make contact with or consume items that a fly has contaminated can experience sicknesses like dysentery, salmonellosis, myiasis, tuberculosis, E. coli, and typhoid.

Most people don't give flies a second thought other than annoyance, but they can usher dangerous conditions into homes. If fly populations inside homes seem out of control, it's essential to call in Womack Pest Control's pest professionals immediately. Our pest management specialists can quickly get rid of flies from Clarksburg homes.

Five Ways To Prevent Future Fly Problems In Your Home

Let's face it—flies will always find their way indoors because people (kids especially) run in and out of homes nonstop. The key to fly control in Clarksburg is ensuring flies don't stay inside and multiply. Homeowners can prevent future fly infestations by utilizing a few simple tips:

  1. Empty and wash trash cans frequently and use trash cans with tight-fitting lids.
  2. Immediately remove pet waste and dead animals from your yard.
  3. Store foods in the refrigerator or containers with tight-fitting lids
  4. Replace or repair damaged door and window screens.
  5. Regularly clean drains, lines, traps, garbage disposals, and countertops.

Homeowners who implement fly prevention measures around their properties can help prevent fly infestations indoors. However, even the best prevention measures fail, so it's essential to have a trusted pest professional nearby, like Womack Pest Control, who can quickly lend assistance.

Call The Pros For Total Fly Control

Clarksburg homeowners can eliminate flies in their houses and prevent future infestations using Womack Pest Control's fly control treatments. Our local, family-owned company has been around since 1943. We are committed to continually improving our pest control methods to ensure our customers receive reliable, effective, and lasting pest control services. Our vast knowledge of the unique pests that frequently invade area homes and our highly-trained pest technicians ensure that our customers receive personalized services that deliver results.

Need fly control near you? Womack Pest Control can help; contact us now.