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Mosquito Reduction In The Washington D.C. Area

Protecting Homes And Businesses Since 1943

There's a good reason why mosquitos are some of the most feared pests in the Frederick County area. These insects create compounding infestations that get worse every year, spreading serious diseases, infecting people and pets, and otherwise overrunning the home. Mosquitoes don't just risk your health and wellness; they completely remove your ability to enjoy the great outdoors.

At Womack Pest Control, we have over 70 years of experience providing mosquito reduction services to homes and businesses across Carroll County, Howard County, Frederick County, Montgomery County and Prince George County. Our expert technicians use only the latest and most effective tools and techniques to keep your property free from high populations of dangerous mosquito varieties. We help reduce your risks of dangerous mosquito activity one treatment at a time and would be honored to serve you and your family.

Mosquito reduction services in the Washington D.C. area from Womack Pest Control are available any time during the active season. Email us today to book a service or call our office to discuss our treatment solutions.

How Womack Pest Control Reduces The Washington D.C. Area Mosquitoes

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Mosquito reduction in Frederick County is not easy, but the professionals at Womack Pest Control are always up to the task. We always approach mosquito overpopulation with long-term results in mind and use our professional experience and access to products to ensure excellent outcomes for our clients.

  • We provide actionable and knowledgeable advice about the prevention of future mosquito populations. We tailor these points to meet your unique circumstances and can apply them to any home or local Washington D.C. property.
  • Next, we move forward to applying an exterior mist treatment around the shrubbery and bushes of the lawn. Expect this mist to cover the entire front and back of the property, and applications are made every three weeks from May through August.
  • Are you preparing for a big one-time event? Womack Pest Control is happy to provide mosquito reduction treatments for weddings, family reunions, summer barbecues, and more. Note that the application should be applied before or on the morning of the event for the best results.

We understand that our customers need mosquito control that is fast, efficient, and discreet. Our uniquely designed and vetted mosquito traps provide both clean and aesthetically pleasing results. When hung around your patio, porch, or yard, you might even mistake them for decorations!

The experts at Womack Pest Control believe in quality above all else. With each inspection, treatment, and follow-up service, you can expect:

  • Free consultations and quotes.
  • Results that last for the long term.
  • Local, licensed technicians with years of experience in mosquito control.
  • Discreet treatment methods to keep your outdoor space safe, clean, and inviting.

Womack Pest Control does mosquito reduction the right way -- and always the first time! Get in touch with us today to inquire about a free estimate for your property. One of our local representatives will be in contact with you shortly.

Simple Methods Of Mosquito Prevention In The Washington D.C. Area

Keeping mosquitoes away from your Washington D.C. property can be a difficult process. Both before and after professional mosquito reduction services from Womack Pest Control, we suggest following this helpful protocol:

  • Get rid of any toys or containers that collect water around the house. Do what you can to eliminate stagnant water such as puddles, open water tanks, damaged water pipes, tires, and more.
  • Keep an eye on man-made water sources in the house. Empty or change the water in pet dishes, birdbaths, and horse troughs at least once a week.
  • Do what you can to keep the gutters clean. Regularly remove leaf clutter or debris from the areas, or hire a professional for additional help.
  • Eliminate any junk piles gathered near the home or business. Get rid of woodpiles, leaves, sticks, weeds, and unturned compost piles.
  • Be conscientious about what you wear while outdoors. Wear light-colored, long sleeve shirts and pants to help keep mosquitoes away. Try to stay inside during the early morning or late evening hours when mosquitoes are at their peak.

Despite your best efforts, it may still be difficult to manage mosquito control on your own. Womack Pest Control is here to help, with more than half a century of experience serving the Washington D.C. area with mosquito population reduction programs.

We are always standing by to help during our business hours. Give us a phone call today to learn more!

Trust Womack Pest Control With All Your Mosquito Reduction Needs

Professional mosquito reduction services require experience to design, implement, and execute, something Womack Pest Control does very well. Since the beginning of our company in 1943, we've done everything in our power to make Washington D.C. area properties safe, balanced, and pest-free.

Schedule your mosquito reduction service today or contact us to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services! Submit an online contact form to get started.

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Technician arrived on time, was knowledgeable, and performed the job without any issues. The price was very reasonable.

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