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The Top Reasons You Do Not Want Cockroaches In Your Rockville Home

cockroach on a sink

Pest Control in Rockville, MD doesn’t have to be such a nightmare! Cockroaches sure can be a nuisance, but homeowners have a secret weapon in their pocket.

We’ve put together a guide on cockroaches and the many inconveniences and dangers they pose to us. Keeping these tips in mind will go a long way in preparing you for a potential infestation.

Some of these facts can be disconcerting, as cockroaches are anything but good for us.

Cockroaches Can Cause Allergies And Asthma

If you want to know how to deter cockroaches from making their way inside your home, you don’t need to sell us on your reasoning. They’re downright awful pests to have around.

However, they do have one particularly nasty trait: their presence can trigger allergies and asthmatic reactions. Anyone with respiratory problems is at serious risk of having their conditions triggered in the presence of roaches.

Cockroaches Can Be Very Difficult To Get Rid Of

Of all the pests that show up alongside humans, cockroaches are probably the most difficult to get rid of. Insects and rodents alike all have plenty of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to growing their numbers and evading homeowners’ attempts to eradicate them, but cockroaches take the trophy home.

Their survivability, in fact, is probably the cockroach’s greatest strength. Even the cockroaches we see in homes and businesses are orders of magnitude more durable than other insects. If you’ve ever heard of cockroaches having a chance to survive a nuclear blast, that’s because they actually have protection from certain types and amounts of radiation!

Suffice it to say, their resistance to conventional attempts to get rid of cockroaches is too much for the average homeowner to deal with.

Cockroaches Carry Pathogens Everywhere They Go

We tell clients how to repel cockroaches for the simple fact that they’re outright dangerous to have around. Cockroaches themselves aren’t particularly vicious. In fact, they prefer to avoid us and hide away until we’re asleep at night. That’s when they’re most active in their search for food.

The real danger of cockroaches comes in the form of their ability to carry pathogens. There are several diseases that cockroaches can easily carry without risking their own health that are actually quite dangerous for humans. To name a few:

  • Cholera.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Giardia.
  • Leprosy. 

When you consider that cockroaches tend to interact with human food sources during an infestation, this becomes particularly worrying. Cockroaches aren’t just a nuisance – they can trigger a number of health problems with their mere presence.

You may have also noticed that a number of these diseases are intestinal in nature. Many of the diseases that cockroaches can spread to humans not only prey on the gut area and the organs there, but can often hitch a ride straight into our digestive systems on a piece of contaminated food. Roaches are and should be treated as an emergency!

Benefits Of Professional Cockroach Control In Rockville

The number one benefit of having a professional handle your cockroach infestation is, simply put, is that it’ll work. Homeowners simply don’t stand much of a chance at curtailing a full-blown roach infestation.

These bugs will set up in the walls, floors, and other out-of-reach areas that make them all but invincible against your best efforts.

But not ours. Womack Pest Control is standing by and ready to help you retake your home once and for all. We’re familiar with all types of cockroaches and can recognize the signs of cockroach infestation well before one grows out of hand. If you’re dealing with roaches, don’t wait.