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The Spider Guide That Everyone In Rockville Should Read

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Pest Control in Rockville, MD is our specialty. We have years of experience dealing with ants and spiders, as well as just about every other sort of pest you can think of.

We’ve put together a guide of fast facts about spiders that homeowners should keep in mind if they think might be dealing with a spider infestation.

Three Ways Spiders Invade Rockville Homes

Spiders are extremely nimble and agile creatures. They have the ability to squeeze through small cracks and holes. Most homes, in fact, have holes in them somewhere that spiders can easily use to gain entrance. Different types of spiders may struggle with certain criteria, but broadly speaking, they’re all able to move rather unconstricted, with legs sometimes as thin as a human hair.

Another way spiders find their way inside are ajar windows and doors. Make sure to practice good discipline with your own entrance ways, especially if you have a garage that connects to the exterior of your property on one side and the interior of your home on another. These are like highways for spiders!

Spiders can even make their way inside by hitching a ride on our clothes or on our belongings. It’s not easy to keep spiders out, but it’s certainly important to observe best practices and mitigate any factors that contribute to their presence.

Do Spiders Pose A Threat In Rockville?

There are actually a lot of reasons why spiders are good out in the wild. They catch and kill other, more invasive and more dangerous insects. They can protect crops by doing so, in fact.

For the most part, however, spiders are a nuisance once they’ve made their way inside a home. There are far too many places for spiders to escape to and hide in for the average homeowner to have a shot at removing all of them.

We’ve all had experience trying to swat a spider only to find that it mysteriously has escaped with its life without leaving a trace. Now, take that scenario, and scale it up to include dozens – if not more – of spiders.

While different kinds of spiders pose a different level of threat to us where biting is concerned, most are fairly to avoid. It’s best to err on the side of caution and not interact with spiders you find on your property. Most of the spiders we see indoors are indeed non-poisonous spiders, but there’s no point in playing those odds and ending up with an injury.

Spider Prevention Tips That May Work

Here are some helpful tips homeowners should keep in mind if they want to keep their properties free from spiders.

  • Consider whether or not other insects are infesting the property. Spiders tend to go where they have the best shot at catching prey. If they’ve set up somewhere where they’ve already found success in doing so, ie. an area where other insects are present, then you may be best served by eliminating anything any insects may be using to stick around.
  • Eliminate standing water sources. This will prevent spiders from hanging around and treating any pooled areas as a watering hole.
  • Eliminate any readily-available food sources. Spiders need to eat, too. While they prefer insects, they may favor an area like a garbage bin solely because they know their webs are more likely to catch nearby flies.
  • Keep seals and other cracks around the property well-sealed. Spiders can squeeze through just about anything, so it’s important to be diligent here.

These tips won’t cure an infestation once it’s taken hold, but they will go a long way in preventing spiders in the first place.

Why Spider Control In Rockville Is Well Worth Considering

Only professional spider control can tackle an infestation of spiders for good. They’re simply too evasive and capable as hunters themselves to fall prey to conventional means of challenging them.

Call in the pros at Womack Pest Control – we’re used to dealing with spiders big, and small and are ready to help you take back your home today.