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Pest Spotlight: Rat Control Made Easy In Rockville

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Do you think there is a group of rats living within your walls? So you hear strange noises or find chewed furniture? Don't ignore the signs; a rat infestation in your Rockville home is more common than you might think. Rats cost the country billions each year with the damage they bring into homes. 

Don't let your Rockville home fall into ruin by putting an infestation off. A Rockville pest control company could help you turn the tide against your rat invasion. Keep reading to learn more infestation signs you should look for around your home.

Where Do Rats Hide?

Rats are pretty good at hiding around your home. If you want to get ahead of them, you have to be able to find the different types of rats that invade. Moreover, you need to be able to identify the signs of infestation, such as:

  • Foul odors with seemingly no source.
  • Squeaking or scurrying sounds coming from the walls or roof.
  • Grease marks found on baseboards.
  • Rat droppings or dark urination stains.
  • Gnawed on wood or furniture.

If you find any dead rats around your property, that can indicate that you have an infestation already underway. The longer you wait around, the more damage could be done to your house. Therefore, contact our team to carry out an inspection today even if you're unsure.

Rats Can Be Dangerous

Different types of rats can invade your home, the main culprits being Norway and roof rats. In terms of danger, the only difference between these two is that Norway rats can be immensely bigger. Rats love to chew due to their front incisors constantly growing. To combat the pain and length of their teeth, they file them down on your home. They will tear through wood, insulation, pipes, and electrical wiring. 

The fact that rats can carry harmful and deadly diseases aside, the damage they can do to your home can put your family at alarming risk! Chewed-up electrical wires combined with insulation could start a fire. Damage to your pipes could flood your home or connect with wires to electrocute someone. Rats are very dangerous to leave running around in your house, so take action quickly when you find them.

Five Tips To Total Rat Control

Rats invade homes for food and shelter, and once inside, it can be challenging to control them. But if you take proactive measures, you can prevent an infestation. You can get started today with these five effective prevention tips:

  1. Patch or seal any openings around your home, even if you believe them too small to matter.
  2. After eating, make sure you pick up any crumbs or clean up any spills.
  3. Keep your trash in tightly sealed containers and store it away from your home.
  4. Repair any water damage or moist locations as this can attract rats.
  5. Remove any clutter in your attic, basement, or garage to eliminate hiding spots. 

Whether you're dealing with lots of rats or just noticing the signs of infestation, there is only one surefire solution! You'll find that the best way to get rid of rats fast is to contact our professional team.

Rats In Rockville Are Hard To Get Rid Of

Rats might be hard to deal with, but it's never impossible with us at Womack Pest Control! Womack Pest Control has provided top-of-the-line pest control to the community for nearly 80 years. We always go above and beyond so you can relax in the comfort of your own home. 

Big rats are more than a hazard to your home, they are a hazard to your health, and we aim to eradicate them. You can depend on our dedicated team of technicians to handle your pest problem efficiently. Call us at Womack Pest Control to learn more about our treatment plans today!