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Fly Prevention Tips Every Rockville Resident Ought To Know

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Pest Control in Rockville, MD is our bread and butter. We have years of know-how, experience, and the best equipment in the industry at our disposal to help you keep your home free from pests of all kinds.

That’s especially true for flies, one of the most common pests humanity deals with. Everywhere we go, flies are not far behind

We’ve put together a guide on the hows and the whys of flies, fly prevention, and ultimately, what you should do if your property succumbs to an infestation.

Keep Trash Cans Sealed

If you want to get rid of flies outside, keeping the trash cans well and fully sealed can go a long way. Different kinds of flies may have different active periods throughout the year, but they all share their love of trash receptacles and other unsecured sources of food.

You’ve probably seen this for yourself. If you’ve ever had to carry trash out to a dumpster, you’ll be all too familiar with the huge numbers of insects like flies and bees that congregate there. Especially in the summer months, trash bins are prime suspect number one when you’re trying to isolate a possible source of a fly infestation.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Preventing an infestation comes down to how well you can keep flies away from your property to begin with. This is a difficult task during some points in the year, but there’s a lot homeowners can do to ensure their home is as unwelcome as possible for pests. Landscaping is a huge consideration here.

Consider the environment that flies would thrive in. Tall grass, untrimmed hedges, and overgrown foliage provide excellent hiding spots for these insects. Even basic lawn mowing will eliminate a favorite hiding spot for insects of all kinds.

Other types of plants provide excellent shelter and even a water source for flies. If a plant near your home has leaves large enough to hold pooling water during rainfall, you’ll have insects on your property in no time. That’s why swamps and other woodland areas are home sweet home for insects. Standing water provides a source of nourishment as well as a place for the insects to lay their eggs. Landscaping is a seriously underrated prevention tool!

Check Screens And Seal Around Windows

If you want to get rid of flies and secure your home from pests, it’s probably a good idea to start with the doors and windows on your property.

Not only do flies have an easy time making their way indoors through doors and windows, but any cracks and crevices can serve as perfect entryways for them. Flies are very nimble, tiny, and capable invaders!

Is It Time To Consider Year-Round Pest Control?

While it’s true that there are a number of home remedies to kill flies – our favorite being a rolled-up newspaper or magazine – none of them can tackle an infestation once it has fully taken hold.

Flies are simply too survivable, small, and outright amazing at reacting to potential threats. We’ve probably all had an experience trying to swat a fly, only to find that they react far faster than intuition would have you believe. It’s almost like they read your mind and jump before you ever get a good shot at them! Flies are simply too difficult to deal with for the average homeowner.

There will be no way to kill flies or their larvae if the flies have a home somewhere in the walls, or somewhere similarly unreachable to homeowners. If you want to know how to get rid of flies fast and keep them away from your property for good, get started with Womack Pest Control today.