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What Is Attracting Spiders To Your Rockville Home?

brown recluse spider crawling on the wall

The most common spiders in Maryland that invade homes are common house spiders, brown recluse spiders, and wolf spiders. While some are more dangerous than others, most people want them to stay outdoors. Spiders can enter the home through the smallest of spaces and tend to hide away in dark corners, going unnoticed for quite some time.

Rockville pest control companies often receive calls when people see multiple spiders around the house, especially dangerous spiders. Spiders don’t cause other pest infestations, but they usually indicate you have one. An infestation of insects creates a never-ending buffet for spiders.

How To Identify Spider Problems In Rockville 

Brown recluse spiders and house spiders create webs you may find hidden throughout your home. You may discover webs in corners where the wall meets the ceiling, hard-to-reach areas behind furniture, or open storage boxes or containers. Be careful reaching into those storage boxes or discarded shoes; you may accidentally trap a brown recluse and get a bite.

For lots of spiders, a favorite treat is flying insects, so check areas where they may congregate. You can often find flying insects near light sources, so look in the corners of windows. Also, check areas with high moisture content, such as basements and crawl spaces; spiders prefer moist, dark places.

Seeing actual spiders in your home is the most obvious sign. It takes two spiders to start a breeding ground; the baby spiders they produce will soon mature and start the whole process over again. You could have a spider colony before you know it; this is why it is critical to proactively prevent spiders in your home.

Three Problems Spiders Can Cause In Rockville

Here are three problems with having spiders inside your house:

  1. More spiders: Common house spiders lay about 250 eggs in a sac, which hatch in about a week. They do this about 17 times a year and can quickly get out of hand.
  2. Venom: Most types of spiders are capable of injecting venom. Brown recluse spider bites are particularly dangerous, and you should seek medical attention immediately. Other local spider bites can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Constant web removal: House spiders create many webs all over your home. Webs we are sure no one wants to walk into unexpectedly.

These are just some of the nuisances and dangers spiders create.

Four Spider Prevention Tips Worth Knowing

Spider prevention measures can help to keep them out. Here are four tips to start using today:

  1. Reducing clutter can remove many hiding spaces and help prevent spiders in the home.
  2. Small cracks in siding or window screens can let spiders inside your house, so it is good to check around your home for possible entrances regularly.
  3. Vacuum up any webs you find, and empty the bag outdoors to be sure no spiders or egg sacs stay in your home.
  4. Enlist the help of a pest control company to inspect your home and provide beneficial tips specific to your property.

It is always better to prevent an infestation than to try to remove one.

Security Comes With Professional Spider Control 

Now that we know more about the Common spiders in Maryland and the problems they can cause, it is clear that the best way to secure your home is to work with professionals like Womack Pest Control. Our pest management specialists are familiar with all types of spiders in our area and the best ways to prevent them. Of course, if you already have a spider problem, call us now, and we will find the solution.