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What’s not to love about Northern Virginia? We have the best mix of history, culture, dining, and shopping there is to offer, along with easy access to Washington, DC. But it’s not just people who flock to our amazing towns and cities. Pests are also drawn to the mix of natural spaces, urban environments, and temperate climate. Luckily for residents and business owners, there are quality options for professional Northern Virginia pest control. Here’s what you need to know about the residential and commercial services offered by Womack Pest Control, as well as some common area pests and the problems they cause. 

Residential Pest Control In Northern Virginia

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When you need pest control for your Northern Virginia home, it’s important to look for a professional with experience and a solid reputation. Womack Pest Control is a local, family-owned pest control company with four generations of the Womack family serving area homes for over 75 years. We work hard to provide the safest and most effective treatments available. Our home pest control services include inspection, treatment, and follow up to get pests out of your home and keep them from coming back. We also offer specialty services, including:

  • Ant Control
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Mosquito Reduction
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Rodent Control
  • Termite Control
  • Wood Destroying Pest Control

Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and learn what we can do for your home. 

Commercial Pest Control In Northern Virginia

It’s not just homes that need protection from pests. Businesses in Northern Virginia are just as susceptible to infestations and are often even more vulnerable to pests. At Womack Pest Control, we can work with you to inspect both the interior and exterior of your property to identify risks and develop a plan to meet your pest control needs. With over 75 years of experience, we are the local experts and are known for our outstanding customer service. We will work with you to design a pest control plan that fits your needs and solves your commercial pest control problems no matter what type of business you run. Call or connect with us online today to get started. 

Ant Prevention Tips Northern Virginia Residents Should Know

Ants are some of the most common pests in Northern Virginia. Some species can be a health hazard by contaminating food, spreading pathogens, and delivering painful stings, while others damage property or overtake properties with large colonies. 

Once ants make their way onto your property, they can be extremely difficult to get out. You can discourage ants from settling near your home with the following steps:

  • Eliminate access to food sources. Ants are after an easy meal. You can limit this attraction by storing food in airtight containers, covering indoor and outdoor trash cans and emptying them regularly, and keeping floors and counters clean of crumbs and spills.
  • Limiting excess moisture. Ants and other pests are attracted to homes that offer water access. You can avoid this by fixing any leaky plumbing, addressing condensation issues, maintaining drainage systems, and using dehumidifiers in poorly ventilated areas. 
  • Reducing entry points. Making it harder for ants to get inside can help encourage them to keep moving. Seal cracks and crevices in your exterior walls and foundation, install weatherstripping and door sweeps, fix or replace torn screens, and check for gaps where utilities enter your home. 
  • Clean up the yard. Ants are drawn to leaf and brush piles and other debris. If you have ants in your yard, they will be more likely to find their way into your home. Keep ants away from your property by maintaining landscaping. 

Preventing ants in Northern Virginia is far easier than eliminating an infestation. If you need help preventing or controlling ants on your property, call the professionals at Womack Pest Control. 

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Northern Virginia Home

Bed bugs are interesting pests. There are not many infestations more highly despised, and yet these parasitic insects do not spread disease or damage property. So what is the problem with these pests? 

Bed bugs may not be an immediate hazard, but having them in your home is no walk in the park. Bed bugs are insidious pests that make their way inside homes and then begin to multiply and spread. They are almost like the house version of headlice. They leave you itchy and paranoid. Once they are inside your home, they spread like wildfire across your home and can be nearly impossible to remove without professional help. Not only that, but anyone who has a bed bug infestation at home is likely spreading it to their workplace and their friends. Bed bugs are a pest that is far better to prevent than to treat. 

How To Eliminate Mosquitoes Around Your Northern Virginia Property

The irritating buzz of mosquitoes flying by is only one issue these insects present. When enjoying time on the deck, yard, or lounging indoors, mosquitoes can hover around and leave itchy bites in their wake. It's critical to cover windows and doors with screens, apply topical bug-deterrents, and stay vigilant. Eliminate attractants that bring mosquitoes to your property and stop these flying, stinging pests from making life miserable.

Have a pest control company investigate your property and pinpoint where you need to apply solutions to deter mosquitoes. Make your abode less welcoming to these insects by removing standing water and adding products to birdbaths and pools. Womack Pest Control has decades of experience controlling pests and reducing mosquitoes with effective tools and techniques.

Try growing plants that naturally deter mosquitoes and frequently cut your grass. Prevent access to garbage by storing it in lidded containers and removing debris piles from your yard. When outdoors or indoors, try lighting citronella candles and turning on fans.

Before hosting an event on your property or before warmer weather arrives, schedule mosquito control services to thwart these pests. Be prepared and find ways to block mosquitoes from entering your property or breeding.

Contact Womack Pest Control for discreet mosquito control services in Northern Virginia that are effective and long-lasting.

Why Northern Virginia Homes Need Professional Real Estate Inspections

No one wants to put their house on the market or close on a property with an undisclosed infestation, pest-related damages, or a need for extensive repairs. When wood-destroying insects, mice, rats, and other critters invade a building, they might cause significant structural damage beyond cosmetic blemishes. The value of a property might be in jeopardy if it contains termite colonies, rodents nesting in crawl spaces, or a crumbling infrastructure. Property owners may be held liable to fix problems and be upfront about pest-related issues before a property is available to purchase.

The urge to speed up the process, skip steps, and close on a property or sell is high in a competitive real estate market. However, real estate inspections are necessary for the good of the buyer and seller. Infestations and pest debris can contribute to health ailments, be a frequent problem for a property, and require a careful, thorough investigation.

Real estate is a significant investment, and it's not a venue to cut corners and hide lingering problems. The insulation must be in good shape, structural elements must be sound, and an occupant's health may suffer if unresolved issues exist.

Only a qualified agent can conduct a real estate inspection and provide a detailed list of their findings. After a professional real estate inspection, parties can move forward confidently to buy or sell a property.

Contact Womack Pest Control for reliable real estate inspections in Northern Virginia.

How To Reduce Your Risk For Rodents In Northern Virginia

It's no fun waking up to the sound of rodents scurrying around the attic, crawl spaces, or darting down the hall and into the kitchen. Your home may be vulnerable to these pests when you don't receive pest control services regularly. Rodents will smuggle into your home through the roof, travel along wiring and plumbing, or hide in clutter. Block rodents from accessing your home by stuffing holes with steel wool, removing attractants, and staying vigilant for signs of an infestation.

The best way to stay pest-free and keep rodents away is to partner with a dependable pest control service. Womack Pest Control is an excellent provider of residential and commercial pest control treatments, especially when there's a need for rodent control services in Northern Virginia.

Rodents will invade your home if you have ample food, standing water, and openings around ventilation, entryways, and exterior damage. Regularly inspect your building for small cracks, gaps, holes, or unprotected points that allow rodents to squeeze through and enter.

Try the following ideas:

  • Elevate piles of firewood, rocks, and debris off the ground and keep them away from your exterior.
  • Regularly organize your home, reduce clutter, and use chew-proof storage containers.
  • Apply natural products that repel rodents and frequently clean dirty dishes, food crumbs, and spills.
  • Fill holes, add barriers like screens and covers, and seal small cracks and gaps.

Schedule preventative maintenance with frequent pest control services from Womack Pest Control.

Why Northern Virginia Homes Need Protection From Wood-Destroying Pests

Living in beautiful Northern Virginia is a privilege, especially if you land a home with historical features and structural elements. Unfortunately, wood-destroying pests can threaten your home's beauty and security anytime. Termites, carpenter ants, and woodboring beetles see your property as a source of sustenance and a place to nest and breed. Protecting your home requires contacting a dependable pest control company to inspect and treat your abode to thwart these creatures.

At least once a year, having one of our pest management specialists check your home for signs of wood-destroying pests is beneficial. Voracious insects that excavate tunnels of wood, chew holes, and mar the cosmetic appeal of your home may work in relative silence.

Also, have us inspect your insulation, crawl spaces, cavities between walls, and other vulnerable points and schedule ongoing residential pest control treatments for long-lasting protection.

Check the interior and exterior of your property for gaps, holes, or crevices where critters can enter your home. Invest in covers for windows, vents, and fireplaces, and fill small openings with caulk or steel wool. Consider applying essential oils or insect-repellent products to surfaces and furniture, and keep a watchful eye for chew marks, holes, and droppings.

If moisture is a problem, remedy leaks, repair and replace damaged wood and structural elements and run a dehumidifier. Reduce clutter in your home, regularly sweep and vacuum, and throw out garbage to deter pest infestations.

Preserve the integrity and majesty of your home and call Womack Pest Control for services to keep wood-destroying pests far away.

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