Pest Control In Darnestown, MD

Pest Control In Darnestown, Maryland

Located a moderate drive away from Washington, D.C., Darnestown offers its residents a more rural feel just outside of the hustle and bustle of city life. The area is complete with plenty of parks and access to amenities such as restaurants and entertainment venues. Residents and business owners enjoy the relaxed feel of daily life in Darnestown.

Pest infestations can quickly start in your Darnestown home or business, creating the need for professional Montgomery County pest control, and bringing stress to your day-to-day routine. At Womack Pest Control, our mission is to help you reduce this stress throughout your time in the community by keeping your property protected from pests.

With experience dating back to 1943 and our status as a local, family-owned business, there is no doubt we can help you out and eliminate all of your pest problems. Call us now to learn more or benefit from a free estimate.

Residential Pest Control In Darnestown

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Keeping your Darnestown home safe is essential for any area resident, but this can sometimes be difficult, thanks to unwanted pest infestations. Insects and rodents in the Darnestown area come to your home searching for food, water, or shelter, so it is crucial to stay on top of prevention tactics and work closely with our pest management specialists at Womack Pest Control. After all, an infestation of these pests can create serious health and safety problems around your home.

Our highly trained pest management specialists identify your pest problems and develop solutions that perfectly meet your property’s needs. With our help, you will be free of any infestation, no matter the scale, and benefit from our residential pest control advice on further protecting your home from pests.

Call us now to learn more or to get started keeping your home safe from insects and rodents.

Commercial Pest Control In Darnestown

Since 1943, Womack Pest Control has been a leader in efficient, effective pest control for commercial properties in the Darnestown area. Our pest management specialists are highly skilled and will discuss your exact commercial pest control needs with you before performing an inspection of the interior and exterior of your commercial property to ensure that we have as much information as possible. Then, we will apply treatments that are specially customized to your property’s needs, creating a pest control plan that targets your problem areas and isn’t just a blanket solution.

With our experience, we can treat such commercial properties as office buildings, medical buildings, restaurants, storage facilities, places of worship, and apartment buildings. Call us now to benefit from our years of experience and get your business protected from pests today.

A Practical Guide To Carpenter Ant Control In Darnestown

Carpenter ants are one wood-destroying insect that you really don’t want to meet around Darnestown. This pest can easily tunnel into the wooden structures of your property and hollow them out, creating costly damages and even creating the risk of total structural collapse.

To control carpenter ants around your property, you should be:

  • Cutting back overgrown foliage and branches that overhang your property to stop carpenter ants from reaching wooden areas
  • Trimming down long grass and removing yard debris to reduce carpenter ant hiding spots
  • Addressing moisture issues that may be creating excess pools of water and damaging the wood, making it easier for this pest to invade
  • Sealing up cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation to stop carpenter ants from slipping inside and finding wood to invade

Additionally, you should contact our pest management specialists to help eradicate large infestations of carpenter ants throughout your property. Call us now for more information and advice.

What You Should Know About Rats In Darnestown

A rat infestation is the last thing you want to deal with on your Darnestown property – this pest is destructive, unhygienic, and just plain frightening to encounter around your home. It is essential to know how to prevent rats from entering your property if you want to avoid picking up infestations of this pest.

Some steps you can take to deter rats in Darnestown include:

  • Disposing of waste in tightly sealed bags and using trash cans with lids where possible
  • Putting away all leftover food properly and using airtight containers in pantry areas
  • Sealing up gaps around the foundation, windows, and doors that might let rats inside
  • Clearing outdoor areas of debris and long grass to reduce harborage areas
  • Fixing up leaks and drainage problems that create pools of moisture to alleviate drinking areas

If you end up with a rat infestation in your home despite these tactics, it’s time to call our pest management specialists at Womack Pest Control for assistance in total rat removal.

How Bed Bugs Travel In Darnestown

Bed bugs are a common concern for households. These pests don’t carry diseases, so they won’t make you sick when they bite. However, they can cause sleep loss and anxiety. Additionally, bed bug bites typically occur during the night and aren’t felt. As a result, you usually won’t realize their presence until morning when you notice the itchy, red welts on your body.

These insects are wingless and tiny, so they can’t fly and move slowly from place to place. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it's easy to eliminate an infestation or avoid these annoyances. Bed bugs are most commonly collected while traveling. They crawl into luggage, bedding, or clothing unnoticed and travel home with you. Once inside, they depart their hiding place and move around your house.

The speed at which these pests spread depends on how they move. They can spread around your home quickly by catching a ride on objects or slowly when crawling around your house. If they choose the latter, you might not recognize their existence in your home until long after your trip.

It’s hard to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Fortunately, our pest management specialists at Womack Pest Control know how to protect your home. We’ll find these pests and use advanced techniques to get them out of your house. Call us today if you experience signs of bed bugs on your property and get started on our effective bed bug control services in Darnestown.

Is It Dangerous To Have Mosquitoes In My Darnestown House?

Mosquitoes are a common sight around Darnestown. Most of these pests are only annoyances, but some can be dangerous. They're usually seen outside but can make their way into homes. How do these bugs get into your house, and how troubling are they?

Mosquitoes usually get inside houses through open doors or windows. They can’t see well but use odors to detect when people are nearby. If you leave your doors or windows open, they’ll fly inside searching for you.

Most mosquitoes on your property are harmless, but some can make you sick. Illnesses spread by the dangerous species include:

  • Tularemia
  • West Nile virus
  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue
  • Encephalitis

The most common symptom of these illnesses is a fever, but each causes additional symptoms. At Womack Pest Control, our mosquito control service in Darnestown involves a mist treatment application to vulnerable areas of your property. Let us know when mosquitoes are around your Darnestown property so we can protect your home.

Factors That Attract Termites To Darnestown Properties

Termites are a serious concern when they invade Darnestown properties. These pests tunnel through wood, putting the structural integrity of the building at risk. They cause this damage slowly and in hidden areas, so you might not realize you have an infestation until they’ve created significant problems.

The best way to avoid termite damage is to prevent them from entering your property. Various factors attract termites to a structure, so removing these factors will help to keep your Darnestown property pest free. Some common factors that attract termites include:

  • Leaking pipes, vents, and faucets
  • Wood piles
  • Mulch

Even if you do your best to remove these attractants, termites might decide to infiltrate your home. In this case, you need termite control professionals to handle the situation. At Womack Pest Control, our pest management specialists inspect buildings to find these insects. We use a liquid barrier treatment to remove the pests and eliminate the colony. Get in touch with us today for termite control in Darnestown.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of A Spider Infestation In Darnestown

Arachnophobia is a common fear, but many spiders are beneficial because they feed on insects that can cause trouble for your property. However, black widows and brown recluses are two types of spiders that present a health risk to residents. For this reason, you should be careful when approaching spiders on your property.

Spiders usually infest homes for food, water, and shelter. Spills and leaks provide the necessary moisture for survival, and they typically prefer dark corners where they can spin webs and hunt prey undisturbed. Since pests are a common attractant of these arachnids, the appearance of spiders on your property might indicate a bigger problem.

While most spiders aren’t dangerous, the venom of brown recluse and black widow spiders can cause various symptoms, including:

  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Nausea

Black widow spiders are the biggest concern for Maryland residents because they’re native to the area. Meanwhile, brown recluse spider sightings are rare in the region. However, they can arrive in packaging from their native Midwest and Southwest regions.

It’s hard to tell which spiders are in your home because they hide in the dark. As a result, you should call spider control professionals to handle an infestation. Our pest management specialists at Womack Pest Control have the knowledge and tools to remove these creatures from your Darnestown property. Contact us if you notice a spider infestation in your home or business.

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