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Are Bed Bugs In Clarksburg Keeping You Up At Night?

a bed bug crawling on bedding

Bed bugs are tiny insects that can sneak into our homes and stay undetected for several weeks or even months. If a minor bed bug invasion turns into a severe bed bug infestation, you could have a difficult time getting them to leave your home.

At Womack Pest Control, we specialize in bed bug removal and control. Our locally-owned company has provided comprehensive home pest control in Clarksburg for over seven decades. We understand how challenging it can be to eliminate bed bugs from your home, which is why we have created a variety of innovative solutions to target every homeowner's individual needs. If you have bed bugs in your home, don't worry; we have the perfect solution for you. 

All The Headaches Bed Bug Infestations Bring

Unlike other insects, if a bed bug comes into your home, it isn't interested in the food in your pantry, the garbage, or your pet's food dish. Instead, a bed bug only wants one thing: to find a human host that can supply reliable and frequent blood meals. These tiny creatures live almost exclusively on human blood. 

Bed bugs get the blood from your body by inserting their thin, needle-like mouths into your skin and pulling it out as if they were drinking through a straw. When they finish feeding, a small, itchy, and red bump will typically be left on your skin. These bumps can be extremely irritating. And if you have several bed bugs in your home, the bites can be so severe that it can cause you to lose sleep or even develop a skin infection. 

Because these bugs are so small, they can hide in small crevices around your home. If you see new bug bites on your skin every day, you should have a professional bed bug inspection performed throughout your home to determine the severity. 

How Bed Bugs Get Inside Clarksburg Homes

Bed bugs like to hang out in any public place with a lot of human activity. You commonly find them in dressing rooms, hotels, public transportation, and nursing homes. If you spend even a short time in an area infested with bed bugs, you could accidentally bring a few of them back home with you. 

Bed bugs will climb onto clothing, purses, and luggage and hitch a ride back to your house. Because of their ability to stay out of sight, most people don't realize that they brought a bed bug into their home until they have a severe infestation. If you see any signs of bed bugs in your home, you should consult with an experiencedbed bug control specialist. 

Why Bed Bugs Aren't Just Active In The Bedroom

These bugs are only about the size of an apple seed and have flat bodies that allow them to hide in plain sight. They like to hang out in areas where you and other people spend a lot of time; this is why you find them underneath mattresses. However, they can hide in almost any other area of your home. Ourbed bug exterminatorshave found bed bugs inside furniture, in cracks in walls and floors, and even in electrical devices. 

Bed Bug Prevention Tips Every Clarksburg Homeowner Should Know

Once your home has received a professionalbed bug treatment, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that bed bugs don't come back into your home, such as:

  • Wash your clothing in the hottest setting after returning from vacation.
  • Don't set your purse or bags on the ground when in public.
  • Check for bed bugs around mattresses and furniture when staying in a hotel. 

If bed bugs have found a way into your home, Womack Pest Control is here to help. Our Clarksburg bed bug exterminators will inspect your home and devise a customized elimination and prevention plan. Give us a call today to get your quote.