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Cockroaches: What It Takes To Keep Frederick Homes Cockroach-Free

an american cockroach in a kitchen

It’s time to talk about cockroach control in Frederick and explain what it takes to keep these truly frustrating pests away from your house for good. 

Through thousands of years of evolution and sheer force of will, cockroaches have become some of the hardiest pests. At this point, they’ve spread to almost every corner of the globe, causing problems for humans everywhere. 

So yes, cockroaches are a formidable pest problem, but they’re also completely manageable with the help of skilled home pest control services. This article is about breaking down the most important information regarding cockroach identification, health risks, professional pest control from Womack Pest Control, and, last but not least, cockroach prevention strategies. Let’s go ahead and get started. 

Types Of Cockroaches: Identifying Common Species

Let’s start things off by identifying several common types of cockroaches. American, German, and oriental cockroaches are all common in the Frederick area. 

German cockroaches are around 1/2 inch long and have distinctive lines just behind their heads. Otherwise, German cockroaches are usually tan. American cockroaches, in comparison, are slightly larger and have red-yellow coloring. 

The final species we mentioned, oriental cockroaches, actually look quite different from these other two species. Oriental cockroaches are dark in color: black or dark brown. They can also have ridges along their backs, and their dark legs look similar to cricket legs. 

No matter which species of cockroach you’re dealing with, they all present serious health risks. 

Health Risks Of Roaches: The Dangers Of Cockroach Infestations

To set the record straight, do cockroaches spread disease? Yes, they do, but technically speaking, there’s an extra step to the process. 

Cockroaches contaminate surfaces as they move around, leaving behind invisible germs. When humans unintentionally ingest these germs, they can develop into fully-fledged diseases. There are many diseases and viruses that cockroaches can spread through this method, including polio, salmonella, and streptococcus.

What does this all mean for the safety of your home? It means cockroaches are more than just an annoyance. They are a serious threat to your family's health, and that threat won’t go away completely until every last roach has been eliminated or otherwise removed from the home.   

Professional Cockroach Extermination: When To Call The Experts

The good news is professional cockroach control can solve your cockroach problems quickly and efficiently. A qualified pest control professional will be able to identify the key problem areas in the home starting with an inspection. 

But this is just the beginning. Pest control providers can use advanced and highly strategic techniques to eliminate entire cockroach colonies rather than simply setting traps to catch the relatively small number of roaches that come out into the open.  

It’s certainly also worth mentioning Womack Pest Control pest management specialists can be an excellent resource in terms of getting personalized prevention recommendations for your home. If you’re interested in long-term professional protection, you can also request recurring inspections to make sure that no new roach problems are developing. 

Cockroach Prevention: Proactive Tips To Prevent Infestations

Last but not least: how to prevent cockroaches. Here is a short list of effective cockroach prevention methods that you can start putting to use right away: 

  • Store bulk foods and ingredients in airtight containers instead of their original packaging. 
  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter. 
  • Regularly clean floors and kitchen surfaces. Use a disinfecting product for extra protection. 
  • Repair any leaking pipes and generally reduce the amount of humidity present in the home. 
  • Use door sweeps on exterior doors. 
  • Repair or replace damaged window screens.  

For pest control in Frederick that works, reach out to us here at Womack Pest Control right away.