Pest Control In Silver Spring, MD

Pest Control In Silver Spring, MD

Nestled near Washington D.C., you'll find the city of Silver Spring. With several businesses and dozens of residential properties, it's no surprise the city is a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Unfortunately, pests love it here, too, making it necessary to invest in ongoing pest control.

At Womack Pest Control, we're focused on providing unmatched pest solutions that quickly get your home or place of business back to pest-free. With a focus on pest prevention, we protect you against future infestations, making us the go-to for top-notch Montgomery County pest control.

If you're ready to stay protected against dangerous pests, reach out to our team to learn more about your pest control options. We'll get you back to pest-free quickly for complete peace of mind.

Residential Pest Control In Silver Spring

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You should feel like you're safe and secure with your loved ones at home. Unfortunately, pests make everything worse, whether causing property damage or contaminating surfaces by crawling. However, residential pest control is the only solution you need to get back to pest-free.

At Womack Pest Control, we help protect your home with comprehensive pest services that include but aren't limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Customized pest control programs
  • State of the art residential treatments

Don't let your home and loved ones suffer from pest infestations a moment longer. Reach out to Womack Pest Control today to explore your residential pest control options and take back control!

Commercial Pest Control In Silver Spring

Keeping your business operational requires a full-time effort that sadly doesn't help when pests choose to invade and make things worse. Unfortunately, ignoring your pest problems is a surefire way to problems like a bad reputation, sick customers, and possibly building code violations. However, ongoing commercial pest control can keep that from happening a moment longer.

 Our team works with you to quickly head off unwanted pest problems so you can get back to business as usual and focus on your customers. Each of our pest solutions is tailored to your unique situation and business needs for the best results possible so you can confidently operate pest-free.

Are you ready to take back control of your business? Reach out to Womack Pest Control today to explore your commercial pest control options and take the first step towards getting back to business as usual!

A Practical Guide To Carpenter Ant Control In Silver Spring

Carpenter ants in Silver Spring are arguably the worst type of ant property owners can face. They severely damage your home by tunneling through the wood to make nests. The worst part is that they often sneak in undetected, leading to years of built-up damage. Fortunately, there are ways to experience carpenter ant control, such as:

  • Water sources: This pest needs a water source to thrive. The more you eliminate accessible water sources like standing water, leaking pipes, and more, the less attractive your home will be to carpenter ants.
  • Landscaping: Make sure to trim back tree branches and other plants close to your home. Sometimes carpenter ants will use these to gain access.
  • Seal the entry points: Every crack, crevice, and hole should be sealed with silicone caulk for better protection against carpenter ants and other pests.
  • Building materials: This includes firewood and they should be kept far away from the home to remain protected.

Don't let carpenter ants in Silver Spring ruin your day. Our team has the resources and knowledge needed to safely and quickly eliminate your carpenter ant problems. Reach out to us today to discuss your carpenter ant control options and live pest-free again!

How To Tell If Your Silver Spring Home Has A Roach Problem

There's nothing worse than discovering you have cockroaches in your Silver Spring home. They're disgusting and transmit a wide range of bacteria and pathogens, leading to illnesses like salmonella and other serious problems. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if you have a roach problem, such as:

  • Cockroach droppings: These droppings are roughly 1mm wide and of varying lengths. 
  • Smear marks: Look for these on the floor and at wall-floor junctions. With abundant water sources, the smears are brown and irregularly shaped.
  • Egg capsules: These capsules house multiple eggs, resulting in fast population growth if left unchecked.
  • Unusual odor: Large infestations results in a lingering unpleasant musty odor that is unpleasant.

If you suspect an infestation or spot a cockroach in your home, reach out to Womack Pest Control! Our team has the resources needed to eliminate your cockroaches today and keep them away for good. Contact us today to discuss your cockroach control needs!

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